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If you’ve ever experienced the limitations of a conventional backpack or vest, then Tablet EX Gear chest packs will revolutionize the way you carry essential gear. Unparalleled in design and workmanship, Tablet-EX-Gear chest pack offer a simple, streamlined solution to the challenges we all face in the field.

Tablet computers have replaced much of what we previously considered to be essential for fieldwork – camera, notebook, paper maps, clinometer, GPS unit, calculator, and hip chain. While it was great to be able to remove so much gear from our work vests, the question became how to carry a tablet computer in the same manner that the vest efficiently carried equipment that we no longer needed!

In the spring of 2012 with field work approaching, our president Brian Saunders began to investigate options for packing a tablet computer into the field. The need was for comfort, protection of the tablet and ready access. Nothing was available that was well suited to the work he performed.

He together a chest pack to allow him to carry an iPad, radio, compass, cell phone and a roll of flagging tape. It wasn’t pretty but it was functional.

After a few days in the field Brian thought he was onto something. The chest pack allowed much quicker access to the iPad, and by sandwiching the tablet between ABS plastic in the front and back of the main pocket it was very well protected in the event that he fell. In order carry everything required he added a backpack.

“The combination of the chest pack and backpack worked very well. I now had better access to my essential field gear and I could more comfortably carry all the gear I needed for a full day!”