When knowing what is in a plantation, for a responsible entity or landowner, it is important for both planning and future deal making and we take this equally as important. We are able to provide experienced people with the  skills and training to perform inventory procedures throughout Australia. Covering both softwood and hardwood programmes we have the technical equipment and mobility of staff available to locate in any state. Our aim is to deliver the data required though computerised means obtaining it with the safest most efficient techniques.

Inventory is the process of measuring a forest resource for planning and management purposes. Rencon Forestry supplies fully trained staff to complete the in-field measurement of the client’s forest resource.


Now the largest part of our inventory related services in Pine Plantations, this intensive form of data collection and assessments consists of stocking counts, early age, age 10 and later age. Assessments are mostly contractual and provide our clients with data to budget for potential sales in both volume and straight wood. We now have the capacity and skill base to process data and convert to provide our clients with budget ready data.


More simple in collection techniques, but equally as important, this inventory exercise involves contractual works with wholly volume driven results generated for clients. Undertaken in Blue Gum plantations in the Green Triangle region of Australia for the end product use of wood chip production bound for pulp mills offshore.


Research trials are conducted on behalf of the client generated generally with specific company goals in mind

Koala Survey

Conducted again on behalf of the client where populated areas are known and harvest production is near. Sensitivity of this exercise is now widespread and companies are pressured by regulated bodies to undertake these procedures to keep their credibility and accreditations for trade.