Hand spraying in preparation for Teak – Far North Queensland.

General Labour

  1. Hand Spraying – weed control to areas that are inaccessible to machines.
  2. WAM Application (Weed-A-Metering) – for granular weed control in young pine plantations.
  3. Hand Fertilising – manually applying fertiliser to poorly performing areas of a plantation.
  4. Woody Weed control – Brush Cutting, removal of unwanted trees in plantations growing wild.
  5. Insecticide injecting (Shield Injecting) – particularly in second rotation crops when newly planted seedlings are susceptible to insect attack. We are well positioned in this area also as we are one of few to offer this service.
  6. General Maintenance – including stewardship, inspections, water point monitoring and general plantation up-keep.
  7. Vertebrate Control – aiding in general labour by trapping & monitoring feral pigs.