FIB Fire Services (Forest Industry Brigade)

Most large forestry companies do not carry insurance and therefore rely on ‘Fire protection services’ as their form of insurance. As a contractor we are engaged to aid in the protection of our client’s assets during the months of mid-November to Mid-March annually. We supply fully trained and certified fire fighters in our company accredited and compliant utility vehicles. Staff are engaged to respond and follow procedures within the particular State location and are governed by the CFA & CFS accordingly when fighting fires. Our staff also man forestry industry brigade tankers where they are also sent to work in with our utility vehicles. These tankers are owned wholly by our clients.

Rencon Forestry provides fully trained, professional Forest Industry fire-fighters. We are able to perform standby in various locations across the Green Triangle and provide our own fire-fighting slip-ons. We can also provide fire industry expertise and assistance with your companies rosterd duty officer system.

At HQ with CFA 4WD trainers working through the theory components of the accreditation + field based practical scenarios.

CFA 4WD Tanker Driver training administrated by our client gives our Fire Tanker drivers the confidence to handle situations in undulating terrain not always accustomed to. When full of water tankers can become top heavy and if not handled correctly can result in roll overs. When on the fire ground and under pressure this training is very important and can lead to avoidable accidents.

Darren Murrell completes his 3.2km field test while other staff practice hose lays.

Pre-Season training each year which includes a fitness test to our clients standards based on the USDA Forest Service Work Capacity Tests for Wildland Firefighters using weight vests and a 3.2km Field Walk. Prior to this moderate field test a Medical Assessment is conducted by a Medical Practitioner, usually a GP.

Country Fire Authority Victoria – all our staff are fully trained by the CFA.

Country Fire Service South Australia – all of are staff are fully trained also with the CFS to enable us to cross the boarder and aid clients in SA.