Our hi-vis clothing is not the only thing that makes us stand out…

Site Spot – “Our staff use this on a daily basis”


At Rencon Forestry we take Safety in the work place seriously. Every employee who works for us is inducted into our internal safety system, provided with up to date JHA’s for every job and supervised under our trained and experienced crew leaders. We strive to ensure staff are accredited with the right training according the specific job type. Each Crew leader carries our comprehensive and up to date safety manual in their vehicle available any time for auditing purposes. As a part of our quoting procedure(s) we supply copies of our safety documentation relevant to the specific job.

Once activated, the Site Spot device pictured to the right is a lightweight, Safety module that acquires the users location from the GPS network and routes it along with a pre programmed message through the SPOT satellite network every five minutes for one hour or until cancelled. Our contacts receive an SMS text message including coordinates and an email with a link to Google Maps™ showing company representatives and our management team a location. Normal procedure is to activate on entry and exit of work areas. A distress message can also be activated if necessary that will not only alert management but also emergency services.

“In 2011 Nick accepted an award from General Manager Ockert Le Roux on behalf of Elders Forestry in recognition of excellent performance and implementation of workplace health and safety”



The forestry industry has copped much flack over the years for its unsafe work practices and general nature of the work being deemed a dangerous operation. This may have been so when manual felling took place and regulations were not enforced for the right reasons.

Today with the modernisation of machinery and technological advancement of equipment, workers are able to operate machinery with less stress and fatigue with enhanced safety features.
In order to maintain our safe work sites and provide our staff with a safer working environment, we strive to ensure the members of our teams are trained in the right areas for the right reasons.

Included with our external training we have our own internal safety systems and inducting processes for every job we undertake.
We are able to provide our clients with the peace of mind knowing they have trained, professional and capable people working in their forests.


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