It’s not just about the machines

In March 22, 2016

Four years passing since the last AUSTimber, the Australian Forest Industry is in good shape assisted by the state of the AUD dollar, off-shore investment and demand for wood product playing a crucial part in this.

Traralgon, located in Victoria’s SE, plays host to what some say is now the largest forestry expo in the southern hemisphere, perhaps the third largest in the World. ‘Site-unseen’ for most, the General Manager of Austimber2016 says that we could not have a location any better for live demos and access for the general public being so close to Melbourne.

We only need to visit up-date figures to realise that for heavy machinery company’s and the like, sales in the last quarter have gone through the roof and recent reports say that some companies have recorded the highest sales in their operating history.

So what does the future look like? With World population growing at a rapid rate, the demand will continue to increase for wood related products and as other countries are becoming more innovative the use is almost endless for wood as a whole, as long as land use is sustainably managed.

It’s not all just about the heavy machines. From forest land managers, finance companies, compliance and technology businesses Austimber2016 it set to boast a broad range of offerings that prop up the bustling industry. Find out more

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