Innovation Station

In May 10, 2017

Next Stop – ElmiaWood 2017. Something rings true about Sweden, ‘the Swedish’, aligning themselves with new quality products, innovative ideas and….. IKEA! No seriously, their ability to create new products and market them well, must sit the proud country men and woman on a gold medal pedestal when it comes to innovation. That is why I had no problems at all in booking my tickets to Jönköping recently knowing that ElmiaWood 2017 is the perfect place to launch, promote and sell my new tech products in Forestry, albeit a very long way to travel from Australia.

So what is innovation and what are it’s processes? Innovation refers to changing processes, creating more efficient and effective products, taking ideas and converting them from a dream to a reality. It’s not all about creating new products by the way, innovation can also ensure services are carried out more dynamically and aid in the success of business.

The typical journey usually starts with an idea, device or a method. These can then be applied to the need or requirements of a market or product. The culture within a creation is equally important as the idea itself. This generally starts from the leaders of an organization who adopt the innovation or from a startup of the newly created service or product. The management of these processes is the next cultivation element that really cements the long-term viability of any innovation, the key success for successful management is the tools or equipment provided to carry out and implement these innovations.

With four years passing since the last technology and innovations were on show, advancements have quantified significantly. Forestry people have been on a mission, to increase productivity and efficiency with an end goal in mind; To save time and money. In 2017, no different to any other year for its prestige, ElmiaWood 2017 is on track to set new records for attendance, exhibitors and provide the very latest in cutting-edge technology for the forestry world to see.

By Nick Reynish

Ps. The ElmiaWood train comes around every four years, along time to wait if you miss it!

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