When knowing what is in a plantation, for a responsible entity or landowner, it is important for both planning and future deal making and we take this equally as important.

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Fauna Spotting & Surveying

Rencon Forestry provides Fauna spotting and surveying services to comply with FSC and local legislation prior to harvesters felling trees.

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Project Management

Rencon Forestry can adapt and plan to a project of any size. Whether you have a 5ha environmental planting, or a 1000 ha establishment program, we can organise it.

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Coppice Thinning

Coppicing – is a traditional method of woodland management which takes advantage of the fact that many trees make new growth from the stump or roots if cut down.

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Fire Services

Rencon Forestry provides fully trained, professional Forest Industry fire-fighters. We are able to perform standby in various locations across the Green Triangle and provide our own fire-fighting slip-ons.

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General Labour

Hand Spraying, WAM (Weed-A-Meter) Application, Hand Fertiliser Application, Wood Weed Control, Insecticide Injecting (Shield Injecting), General Maintenance & Vertebrate Control.

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Forestry Contractors Redefined


We understand that not everyone likes getting their hands dirty like we do. Our goals are not to do business with everyone but people who believe in what we do.

We get up every morning to enhance our clients lives, giving them the satisfaction they have the best contractor on the job.

We always strive to help our clients improve methods of work, productivity, safety and efficiency through our systems in place. We have been involved in over thirty thousand hectares of plantations successfully established and carefully maintained, combined we boast over 18 year’s forest management experience.

Remote Management Technology

At Rencon Forestry we use the very latest in GPS & Mobile technology to ensure our operations are efficiently & safely managed.

We use GPS vehicle tracking for daily operations, safety, accountability and fire suppression. We can view from an App or via PC in real time where vehicles are located. It has become an invaluable tool

QUICK IMS™ OH&S smartphone app used for in-field incident, near-miss, inspections and other form based reporting.

Delorme InReach device used by our remote workers for safety, accountability and communication.

Personal Site Spot GPS devices used for safety & accountability.

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Our Happy Clients

Macquarie Forestry has engaged the services over several years and has encountered a high level of professionalism and customer focus. Nick knowledge of plantation forestry and their experienced team makes the first call to assist with all silvicultural requirements and is backed up with strong technical capacity and ability. I strongly recommend anyone requiring forestry expertise to contact Nick and the team.

Darren Shelden - General Manager – Forestry, Macquarie Bank.

ERA Nurseries have been working cooperatively with Nick for many years as suppliers of forestry seedlings which were subsequently planted and managed. We were able to observe first-hand the highly professional manner in which the business operation is conducted their end.

The combination of Nick, and complimentary expertise and experience, can only auger well for a successful future.

Ted Allender & Peter Sandow - ERA Nurseries, Hamilton VIC, AUS.

Nick was the most professional contract provider we had, providing forestry management services of the highest standard every time.

Scott - GIS and Carbon Manager, NZ.

Some of our Valued Clients